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LonghaiSteel supply domestic and overseas customers with S2 steel plate, S2 flat steel,S2 steel sheet,S2 wire coil,S2 square bar,S2 round rod, S2 steel pipe,S2forged valve body,S2 forged steel rings,S2 forged multidiameter shafts. Through many years' production experiences,we strictly control S2 chemical composition and mechanical properties from casting, forging, rolling, heat treatment, etc. We have advanced precision machining equipments with a higher productioncapacity,bringinga best service and affordable prices to customersfrom all over the world.
TOP STEEL MANUFACTORY - SWISS STANDARD CARBON TOOL STEEL SWISS - Steel material of S2 tool steel with superior quality and the competitive quotation for overseas buyers, distributors, wholesalers. - Technical specification datasheet is as follows: Product category: Tool Steel Chemical composition of Carbon Tool Steel Steel grade: S2 WC (%): 75 TiC+Ta(Nb)C (%): 17 Co (%): 8 Average Grading|μm: 2~4 Density| g/ cm^3: 10.7 Hardness| HV: 1500 Flexure Strength| MPa: 1800 ISO: P15-P25 Remark: Main feature and application field – alloy tool steel Alloy tool steel is widely used to produce the cutting tool, cold/heat distortion mould and measuring implement. and further to manufacture the piston, valve, valve seat of fuel pump of diesel engine. Object classification The hardening capacity, hardenability, abrasive resistance and toughness of alloy tool steel are superior to carbon tool steel,it roughly divides into cutting tool, mould steel, measuring implement steel according to its application. The high-carbon content steel (carbon mass fraction is over 0.080% ) is used to process the cutting tool, measuring implement and cold work die. the hardness is over HRC60 after quenching. and has enough abrasive resistance. The steel of medium carbon content (mass fraction 0.35%~ 070%) is generally used to make the hot working die, low speed cutting tools ( woodworking tool, benchwork tool, drill, milling cutter) and measuring implements (caliper, micrometer, block gauge, sample plale). Measuring and cutting tool steel should have high hardness (62~65HRC),high abrasive resistance, enough obdurability, hothardness. The measuring and cutting tool steel also should require excellent dimensional stability in order for a higher precision. Cold work die includes cold punching mould, wire-drawing die, drawing die, coining die, thread rolling die, cold heading die, cold extrusion die, Based on the working condition, cold work die should have the high hardness, strength, abrasion resistance, toughness, hardenability, quenching degree, and other processing property. This kind of alloy tool steel belongs to high carbon alloy steel (carbon mass fraction is over 0.80%), Chromium is key element of alloy with mass fraction below 5% generally. Hot-working die divides into several main types, such as hammer forging, die forging, extrusion and die casting, including hot forging die, press machine forging die, stamping die, hot-extrusion die, metal die-casting mould. Heat distortion mould not only supports huge mechanical stress, but also thermal stress during working repeatedly. Hot-work die steel should have not only high hardness, red hardness, abrasion resistance, toughness, but also have excellent high temperature strength, thermal fatigue stability, thermal conductivity, upper hardenability for guaranteeing the whole cross section with consistent mechanical property Plastic mold includes thermoplastic plastic mould and thermosetting plastic mold. Plastic mould steel requires the properties of definite strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, heat stability and corrosion resistance. And further requires excellent manufacturability, such as processability, corrosion resistance, grindability, polishing, repair welding, roughness, thermal conductivity, shape stability. Heat treatment The preheating of measuring and cutting tool steel is spheroidizing annealing, final heat treatment is quenching + low temperature tempering and hardness after heat treatment can reach 60~65HRC. When heat treat tool steel grades consideration should be given to hardening temperature, including ratio of heating, cooling and soaking times which will differ due to factors such as the shape and size of each chemical component. Other considerations during heat treatment include the type of furnace, quenching medium and work piece transfer facilities. Main feature and application Carbon tool steel belongs to unalloy steel, carbon content ranging from 0.65% ~ 1.35%, is widely used in the field of manufacturing the cutting tools,mold steel,measuring implement. Compared with alloy tool steel,it has good machinability, low cost, wide application with large use levels in the manufacturing tools. Category Carbon tool steel is divided into carbon cutting tool steel, carbon mold steel and carbon measuring implement steel. Carbon cutting tool steel are for fabricating the cutting tool, carbon mold steel is for making the cold/hot working die steel and carbon measuring implement steel is for manufacturing the measuring tools. Annealing process Carbon tool steel is general deliveried in the condition of annealing and also for un-annealing according to demander's requirement. Quenching process Compared with alloy tool steel, the hardenability of carbon tool steel is lower, and diameter of through hardening in the Water is 15mm and only 5mm in the oil, further, this type of steel has a lower thermohardening, the hardness and abrasion resistance will drop quickly under the working temperature above 250℃, and also its cutting ability. Therefore,this type of steel is only for processing the tools in small size, simple form, low cutting speed, and normal working temperature. Finished goods condition: hot forging/hot rolling + annealing/normalizing + tempering/quenching + tempering any other conditions based on the customer's requirement Surface conditions: flaking /turning /grinding /polishing /buffing /acid /rough machining /fine machining any other processing technics based on the customer's special requirements. Furnaces for metallurgical processing: Electric arc furnace /BOF /Electroslag remelting /vacuum degassing /consumable electrode vacuum furnace Ultrasonic inspection: 100% ultrasonic inspection for any inperfections or based on the customer's requirement. Excellent service for all kinds of industries with advantages of technologies, equipments and affordable price. Advantage LonghaiSteel have owned advanced production equipments and a team of professional design, strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, Specializing in high quality steel and best processing service for New and Old customers Hot forging/rolling, cold roll/drawn, cold/hot working, extrusion of steel, mechanical processing services We manufacture and supply steel products with following specifications: Round bar (Diameter): 1mm to 3000mm Square steel: 1mm to 2000mm Heavy plate/sheet steel: 0.1mm to 2500mm Width: 10mm to 2500mm Length: We can supply random length based on the customer's requirement. Forged steel shape: Shafts with flanks/pipes/tubes/slugs/donuts/cubes/other shapes Tube/pipe: OD: φ6-219 mm, with wall thickness ranging from 1-35 mm. Contact: David Chiu Manager // LonghaiSteel Inc ADD:Jiangdong Road,Sanhe Town,621700,Jiangyou,SC,China Tel: 86-816-3307163 Fax: 86-816-3639422 Cell: 0086 01538 6611 557 Skype: topspecialsteel

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