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We can produce BS4659 BO1 steel plate, BS4659 BO1 flat steel,BS4659 BO1 sheet,BS4659 BO1 coil,BS4659 BO1 steel wire,BS4659 BO1 round rods, BS4659 BO1 forging,and profiledstrip,Deformed steel,mould,have all specifications. With DuoNian production experience, strict control BS4659 BO1 chemical composition and BS4659 BO1 mechanical properties.From casting, forging, steel to hot and cold rolling process, heat treatment, etc, we have the control of professional engineers. We have advanced precision machining equipment, according to the requirements of users machining. in order to achieve the most satisfied with the user requirements.
BS4659 BO1 Tool Steel
BS4659 BO1 is a high quality non-distorting cold work tool steel. With combined manganese chromium tungsten O1 Tool Steel is characterised by giving high surface hardness after tempering, good dimensional stability in hardening, and good
 Typical Analysis - O1 Tool Steel
Heat slowly and uniformly to 1000°C. Forge within a range of 1000/800°C reheating if necessary. Cool slowly (preferably in a furnace) to avoid setting up stresses.
Heat uniformly to 770°C, equalise, then furnace cool. (Hardness about 229 Brinell). Fully machined tools should be packed during annealing.
Stress Relieving:
If machining operations have been heavy or if the tool has an unbalanced section, remove stresses before hardening by heating up to 650°C, equalise, then cool slowly.
Heat uniformly to 780/820°C until heated through. (If possible pre-heat at 300/500°C). Allow 30 minutes per 25 millimetre of ruling section and quench immediately in oil.
Martempering is an alternative hardening procedure which may be used when suitable salt bath equipment is available.
Heat uniformly and thoroughly at the selected tempering temperatures and hold for at least one hour per inch of total thickness.
Tempering °C
Hard Chromium Plating:
After hard chromium plating tempering of O1 Tool Steel is recommended at 180°C for 4 hours to avoid hydrogen embrittlement
Due to the high risk of crack formation welding of O1 Tool Steel should be avoided, if possible. When, however welding is essential, the following serves as a guide:
A. Welding of soft annealed O1 Tool Steel.
· Preheat to 300 - 500°C
· Weld at 300 - 500°C
· Immediately stress relieve
Electrode: Cr-Mo alloy electrode for welding structural steel.
B. Welding in connection with hardening of soft annealed O1 Tool Steel.
· Heat to hardening temperature.
· Cool to approx. 500°C
· Weld at approx. 500°C
· Direct re-heating to hardening temperature whereafter hardening (quenching) is performed in the usual way.
Electrode: Hard facing electrode.
C. Repair welding of O1 Tool Steel in hardened and tempered condition.
· Preheat to the tempering temperature (min. 200°C) previously used.
· Weld at tempering temperature.
· Heat immediately to tempering temperature, but max. 300°C. Soaking time 2 hours.
Electrode: Hard facing electrode.
Physica Properties:
Density (Kg/m³)
7.75 7.70
Coefficient of thermal expansion (per °C from 0°C)
11.7 x 10-6
11.4 x 10-6
Thermal conductivity (cal/cm.s °C)
76.8 x 10-3
79.2 x 10-3
11.4 x 10-6 
Specific heat (cal/g °C)
 110.4 x 10-3
Modulus of elasticity:
Product description:
Step Shaft BS4659 BO1  Tube BS4659 BO1  Pie-shaped BS4659 BO1   Ring BS4659 BO1   Module Large valves of the main BS4659 BO1   Other Profiled forgings BS4659 BO1
Special Steel classification:
Stainless steel, Hi-Steel HSLA-80, Mould steel,  Heat resistant steel, Tool Steel, Ball bearing steel,Spring steelAlloy steel,  Construction steel,  Die steel, High-speed steel,  angles, channels, H steel, I-beams, welded pipes, seamless tubes,
Our products meet Chinese GB, Japanese JIS, US ASTM, UK BS, EU DIN standards and so on.
Our advantages:
Our advantages such as advanced management and operation concepts, suitable work facilities, highly qualified talents and a number of trade partners who have long-term and close cooperation with us have ensured us to provide global customers with competitive high-quality commodities and excellent services, quickly, accurately, conveniently and completely.

Products Introduction:
Round bar:
Diameter : 1mm-2000mm
Square bar:
Size:  50mm * 50mm-600mm *600mm
Plate steel/flat bar:
Size: Thickness:  0.1mm-800mm Width: 10mm to 1500mm
Size: OD:  6-219mm  WT: 1-35 mm.
Cold-rolled sheet: Thickness:  2-5mm Width:1000mm Length: 2000mm
Hot-rolled sheet: Thickness:6-80mm Width: 210-610mm
Length:  We can supply any length based on the customer's requirement.
Forging/hot rolling/ extrusion of steel.
Forging: Shafts with flanks/pipes/tubes/slugs/donuts/cubes/other shapes
Finished goods condition:  hot forging/hot rolling + annealing/normalizing + tempering/quenching + tempering/any conditions based on the customer's requirement

Surface conditions:  scaled (hot working finish)/ground/rough machining/fine machining/based on the customer's requirement
Furnaces for metallurgical processing:  electrode arc + LF/VD/VOD/ESR/Vacuum consumable electrode.
Ultrasonic inspection:  100% ultrasonic inspection for any inperfections or based on the customer's requirement
Excellent service for all kinds of industries, with advantages of technologies,  equipment and price.

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